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Sep. 25th, 2017 01:29 am
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So at my therapy session at the CFS/ME clinic recently, I was told something that literally blew my mind, so I figured it would be worth sharing.

Apparently a common thing with people with CFS/ME who are perfectionists is that we find it hard to deal with guilt - but obviously I think this applies to a lot of people - mental health, physical health and so on. If not just frigging everyone in the world.

My counsellor explained some very important points about guilt; beginning with asking me to list good and bad emotions. So, obviously I listed anger as bad, happiness as good and so on. 

Then broke them down into circumstance so that I could see that all emotions were valid in the right context. Really simply it was good to feel anger if someone had purposely hurt you; or it would be bad to feel happiness if something tragic had happened. As such we learned that there are no good and bad emotions, only emotions

So from here, she went on to talk about the purpose of guilt - which I had as a bad emotion, obviously. She had three core points about guilt.

1) The purpose of guilt is to help us understand when we have done something wrong.
2) The purpose is then to prompt us to put it right.
3) Guilt is not meant to be a long term experience. Once it has served its purpose there is no reason for it.

She then walked me through a flow-chart she had made, and at every point in every example it ended with guilt no longer being a valid option.

She gave me an example of something she had been guilty for in her youth: In school they had been playing around and were hiding in the girl’s toilets, keeping the boys out. She was one of the girls holding the door closed, not knowing another girl was on the other side with the boys.

She told me she had still years later felt badly for it, but going through the chart helped. She had done something wrong, even without meaning to, but could she put it right? No. She no longer knew that girl, it was years ago, she couldn’t track her down to apologise. So there was no more purpose for her guilt. 

It was literally mind blowing for me to realise I didn’t have to feel as much guilt as I did, and didn’t have to feel guilt for things that happened years ago.

It’s clearly not a SIMPLE thing to get, but I think its going to be helpful.

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Sep. 21st, 2017 04:02 am
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Man I just like desperately need someone who is/speaks Japanese and who can help me use a website to buy a Special Edition thing that is only coming out in Japan for my boyf.


But man he wants that Special Edition Secret of Mana remake that's coming out.

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Sep. 20th, 2017 01:36 am
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Okay, Sallie. I know we're happy that this year we get to buy Christmas gifts.

But like


on the money spending.


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Sep. 13th, 2017 02:35 am
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I do not like the sound of strong winds because I get irrational fears that the walls of the house will blow down.


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