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Nov. 23rd, 2011 12:03 am
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Oh! I kept meaning to ask this and only now remembered. A few weeks ago at the Texas Renfaire I picked up a coyote face in good condition. She's a little flat though and I wanted to perk her up and give her ears some life and possibly shape her out a little. Does anyone have any taxidermy tips? I've never tried anything like this and I don't want to make any dumb mistakes.

Ash is still weirded out by my adoration of Coyote to this extent and makes me keep the face (and fur from you guys, Oz and Blais) out of her sight. Thankfully, the man I got it from explained to her that none of the furs he had where from trophy hunters and instead were either from roadkill or Fish and Game. He simply took the furs to give them new life and so nothing would go to waste. We talked to him for quite a while and you could see it in his eyes the deep respect he had for these animals. Ash was so impressed by him that she asked to take his picture to which he complied with a very large and sincere smile. I'll have to find the picture. He had a good soul. The face still freaks her out though.

Also... a friend at work today told me I had "a wild heart" and told me that someday he'd like to see me in the woods instead of in an office. Without knowing any of my background, he said "the image was just right" in his head.

I'm glad I haven't completely lost it.
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