Oct. 11th, 2011

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I love Austin. I LOVE the Austin Police Department. I love this city so much.

Where Boston is a shithole of police brutality right now, Austin is the beaming light of what this Occupation is supposed to be like.

The police have blocked off the busy downtown streets so the protestors can march down main street without fear of cars. They sit on the capitol steps with us and take pictures and the protestors are shouting out loud "We love you!" to the police men and women.

It is love here. I'm so proud of this city.

The one arrest? An underage girl out past curfew...

the video. Watch till the end. When they start chanting APD in support of the officers and what they do.

How is this city in the middle of Texas? I never want to live anywhere else. I've never felt so safe in a city before.

At the same time... I wish I were in Boston. I wish I was on the front lines. Hell, I wish I were in Dallas right now where shit is about to hit the fan as well. I wish I was somewhere that I could really fight.

But I love Austin. I am so so proud to call this place home.

(If you care, google OccupyAustin youtube videos for some amazing, heartfelt singalongs, beautiful people, and solidarity of the 99percent working side by side in the most peaceful and loving ways.)

Thank you, Austin.


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